Nearly 8 decades later, LtCDR John C. Waldron's story continues to inspire, infuriate and motivate men and women of all walks of life.  We are humbled and proud to play a role in furthering his story...

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Featured:  Francis Whitebird

LtCDR Waldron was proud of his Lakota heritage. Highly decorated Combat Medic (Vietnam War) Francis Whitebird explains Lakota Warrior culture.

Featured:  Barrett Tillman

Waldron knew he and VT-8 were on the cusp of a historic clash.  No one is more qualified to describe it than Historian, author and media expert Barrett Tillman.

Featured:  The Warbirds

We had a choice - "do this" via CGI graphics or attempt to recreate the moment with the real thing.

We chose "the real thing."

Waldron's story is a Warrior's story

If you're like us, you've wondered how, why and what

it takes to do something heroic, courageous... what we discovered

is an extraordinary story.

A big story, bigger impact

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