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South Dakota Warrior

The John C. Waldron Story

"Hero stories" are, fortunately, common.   But the ones that force you to look inside and ask hard questions are not.   However, on 4 June, 1942, LtCDR John C. Waldron led himself and 29 other men into a fight that would evoke the strength of one man's leadership the courage of a fighting unit, the tears of shattered lives...and the power of purpose.  OGTA cannot answer "Why?" but we can attempt to describe what "it was like" for a Dakota Warrior and those who depended upon him.

The Greatest Weapon Ever Used

A Missileer's Story

Who wants nuclear war?!  Of course, the answer is no one.  But the ironic truth remains—the reason we've not had nuclear war to-date rests upon the utter resolve to do the unthinkable.  Though this is the crux of "Deterrence," OGTA wanted to meet the people who wield the greatest military power on earth.

The Gentleman Next Door

The John Wilkinson Story

One never knows the stories that are contained in the experiences of those around us.  Most of the time, these stories - great, small and in between - dissolve into vapor at life's end.  This is why, when OGTA heard that a sweet old man lived a life far beyond his hearty "hello!" and a regular cup of morning tea, we took the chance and knocked on his door....  OMG.

The Wind Beneath Your Wings

The Chris Morgan Story

After a certain point, everyone learns that life is hard.  There are no guarantees and the standard of "fairness" has never been set.   Nevertheless, when USAF fighter pilot Chris Morgan was captured by the Japanese in WWII, he could not know that the years to follow would include inhuman brutality, scorn, loss, alcoholism...and utter, whole and courageous success.  OGTA recommends this carefully paced story be watched with those who are committed to each other's best.

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