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"Their. And Back" - See Trailer Now

42 years after leaving North Vietnam on a C-141 Starlifter, ex-POW and Navy fighter pilot Charlie Plumb returns to the sites, faces and experiences that warped his life for nearly six years.

This episode is OGTA's most involved production to date and will premier on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2015.

Purchase a limited edition print of Charlie's aircraft, signed by Capt. Charlie Plumb and artist John Mollison at:  John Mollison Prints

Watch the trailer below.

OGTA Hall 250

Rich Hall

Rich Hall flew her from 1967-68. John Mollison drew her in 2013 and now interviews Rich Hall, a notable Vietnam War aviator who learned timeless lessons from his life and death experiences while at the throttle of the Skyraider A-1E, "Sweet Marlene".

Watch here.

OGTA Hone 250
Claude Hone

To say Claude Hone is a charactor wouldn't be inaccurate, nor would it be complete. Claude Hone, a former World War II pilot of a Marine Corsair who was one of the first pilots to attack Japanese homeland, you don't want to miss his stories in "696".

Watch here.

OGTA Rutan 250

Dick Rutan: "Misty"

What does it take to be a warrior? World record holder, Dick Rutan, shares his journey from a childhood ride in a Piper Cub to the moment he would discover whether he was to pilot of a Super Sabre F-100.

Watch here.