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Bob Pardo "PUSH SOMEONE!" - Now Playing Here

The promise of History’s wisdom is not in memorizing a date or a place on a map. The promise of History’s wisdom is in understanding the events and personalities that created the moment.

Watch the show below.

On March 10, 1967, Bob Pardo was part of a four-ship mission to take out a target just north of Hanoi, North Vietnam. Going in, Earl Aman and Bob Houghton's F-4 Phantom took a mortal hit and what happened next is one of the most amazing stories you’ll ever experience.

"Push Someone!" is a fresh, insightful look into the famed “Pardo Push” and only OGTA has it!

We aren't stopping with just the "What and How" - we're going into the sobering and inspiring force that "pushed" Bob into making the fateful decision that ended up saving 2 lives and inspiring thousands.  Here’s a hint: it didn’t begin in Vietnam, Colorado or Honduras.   And it certainly didn’t begin with Bob!

Watch "Push Someone" to find out.

OGTA Hall 250

Rich Hall

Rich Hall flew her from 1967-68. John Mollison drew her in 2013 and now interviews Rich Hall, a notable Vietnam War aviator who learned timeless lessons from his life and death experiences while at the throttle of the Skyraider A-1E, "Sweet Marlene".

Watch here.

OGTA Hone 250
Claude Hone

To say Claude Hone is a charactor wouldn't be inaccurate, nor would it be complete. Claude Hone, a former World War II pilot of a Marine Corsair who was one of the first pilots to attack Japanese homeland, you don't want to miss his stories in "696".

Watch here.

OGTA Rutan 250

Dick Rutan: "Misty"

What does it take to be a warrior? World record holder, Dick Rutan, shares his journey from a childhood ride in a Piper Cub to the moment he would discover whether he was to pilot of a Super Sabre F-100.

Watch here.