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  • Film Premiere - "The Gentleman Next Door" - SDASM
  • Coming up: "Dakota Warrior" - The John C. Waldron Story
  • Coming up: "The Greatest Weapon (N)Ever Used"

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"The Gentleman

Next Door"


The John Wilkinson Story - RAF ace and witness to history...

"The Wind Beneath Your Wings" - NOW SHOWING

The Chris Morgan Story - A  WWII POW of the Japanese finds life's lift

"There.  And Back" - NOW SHOWING

The Charlie Plumb Story - A  Vietnam War POW returns

Other episodes

NOW SHOWING:  The History Lesson -

the Hong My/John Stiles Story

PREVIEW CLIP:  This is What It Looks Like -

the Steve Pisanos Story

Read blog post here

Read blog post here

NOW SHOWING:  Holy Bananas -

the Dick Rutan Story

Now Showing:  Push Someone -

the Bob Pardo Story

NOW SHOWING:  Sweet Marlene -

the Rich Hall Story

Now Showing:  696 -

the Claude Hone Story

Quick clips...

Chris Morgan, 311th FBG, WWII

on "Success"

Cass Phillips, VPB-20 WWII

on "Opinions"

John Mollison loves-up a sponsor

and tells his story

With WWII, Korea and Vietnam War fighter pilot Hank Snow

With WWII ace and patriot Steve Pisanos

About OGTA:

Writer and artist John Mollison "Interviews old guys and draws their airplanes."  The result, however, is  much more than the names, dates and places of history.  OGTA is about life, culture and the wisdom to make the future a better place.

Since 2013, many thousands (around the world) have come to view OGTA as (and these are their words, not ours) "...  what the H*story Channel should be!," "This is fresh stuff. Thank you." and "Why aren't you famous yet?!"

OGTA's viewership is extraordinarily diverse, bridging the gaps that typically might divide people.  The aim is simply to figure out what happened, why and what it all can mean to someone else.

OGTA is funded by grants from corporate organizations, foundations, individuals and our own passion for bringing real stories of character and life to the world.

With ex-NVAF fighter pilot Nguyen Hong My

Vietnam War legend "Bob" Pardo's F-4 from pencil to finish

With Capt. Charlie Plumb in Hanoi at Hoa Lo Prison

The crew of OGTA:

John Mollison

Producer, writer, director, artist, disruptor, creator

Rick Lingberg

Camera, writer, editor, talker, humorist, pioneer

Dalton Coffey

Editor, director, camera,  genius, musician, rebel

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